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Getting Set Up

Step 01

Product Matching and Sample Sharing

We match you with a product request from customers and request a quote from you. Once the quote is approved, we acilitate the sharing of samples with the customer, allowing them to experience the quality of your products firsthand.

Step 02

Order Processing and Management

If the customer is satisfied with the samples, we proceed with placing the order. From this point forward, we take care of everything, from distribution to customer service and issue management. Rest assured that your products will be handled with care and professionalism throughout the entire process.

Step 03

Forecast Sharing for Improved Efficiency

After the first month of trading, we take our collaboration to the next level. We start sharing forecasts with you, enabling you to enhance efficiency and optimize waste management. These forecasts are based on advanced algorithms and market insights, helping you streamline your operations and better meet customer demand.

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