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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Wholesalers:

No, we do not charge any signup or service fees from wholesalers. There are no deductions or contract lock-ins. We believe in providing a transparent and hassle-free experience for our wholesalers.
Wholesalers have full discretion in setting up their own product pricing. You have the freedom to determine the prices that best align with your business goals and strategies.
Absolutely! While you have control over pricing, our FSD team is readily available to provide valuable pricing recommendations. We understand the competitive landscape and can offer insights tailored to your unique business needs, helping you optimize your pricing strategy.
Easily update your product pricing and inventory at any time using our user-friendly inventory tool.
Your delivery cost will be integrated into the checkout process, ensuring a streamlined and transparent experience for your customers.
FSD customer care will seamlessly transfer all marketplace orders to your team through your preferred communication channels, such as email, API, or software.
As the wholesaler, you will be responsible for order handling, packaging, transportation, and shipment.
It is your responsibility to inform FSD once the order has been successfully delivered.
Wholesalers will be required to send us an invoice upon order completion. This allows us to adjust the payment according to the products being delivered. You can expect to get paid within 48 hours of the invoice being submitted.
FSD will promptly forward all return and refund requests to you, the wholesaler, for efficient resolution.
FSD generates revenue by charging a 5-8% processing fee to businesses who make a purchase on the marketplace. This fee covers the costs associated with technology usage, payment gateway, and credit processing charges.
With buy now, pay later, businesses have the option to pay only 25% of the total amount at checkout. The remaining balance is then divided into single or multiple installments to be paid within 30 days, without any interest or additional fees. FSD assumes all responsibility for recouping the installments and provides protection against fraud, chargebacks, and defaults.

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